Shapeoko Pro Shipping Update

Posted on Nov 11, 2020 by Rob

We’re getting pretty close to Nov. 15, which is the date that we expected to ship both the new Nomad 3 and the Shapeoko Pro.

The good news is that Nomads started shipping out this week and the team is rapidly knocking out the backlog. Hopefully we’ll be able to reevaluate the 30-day lead time for new orders next week.

Now, about the Shapeoko Pro…

After we opened up orders we ended up making a couple of last minute changes to the machine to improve performance, hoping that we could get it done without adding any delays. The good news is that we got the changes made and they didn’t add any delay. The bad news is that the packaging was delayed so we’re still waiting for boxes to ship the machines in.

Right now, we’re expecting foam for the boxes to show up in Illinois late next week. We’ve been getting all of the machining done in the last few weeks so we have lots of machines ready to go out the door once we have something to put them in. If all goes well, we expect to ship Shapeoko Pros on Dec 4th.

That’s the best information we have right now but we’ll update this blog post if anything changes.