Carbide 3D’s Nomad 883 Named “Best Desktop Mill” by Make: Editors

Torrance, CA, November 3, 2015 — Make: magazine, leader of the Maker Movement and producer of the popular Maker Faire events, once again developed test scripts and benchmarks to run the current field of 3D printers, CNC mills, and resin printers through their paces to create the “Ultimate Guide to Desktop Fabrication 2016.”

Make:’s team of testers identified the top performing 3D printers across five classes, CNC mills across three, and chose their top two resin printers, naming Carbide 3D’s Nomad 883 “Best Desktop Mill” among the CNC mills tested.

According to the Make: digital fabrication team, the Nomad 883 was selected because while “It may look pretty with its bamboo case, the fantastic clamping system makes this a machine for serious use.”

“We’re all really proud to be recognized by Make,” said company co-founder Rob Grzesek, “We’ve worked hard to create a machine that’s accessable to normal people and powerful enough for real work. We look forward to improving our machines and enabling more and more people to take advantage of CNC technology.”

A team of 16 recognized experts in the digital fabrication field, led by Matt Stultz, Make:’s digital fabrication editor, put the machines through a battery of rigorous tests to create side-by-side comparisons of product attributes in order to identify the top performers. The buyers guide will be available on newsstands across the country by Nov. 26.

“The world of 3D printing has changed dramatically since 2012, when we first started this annual roundup devoted to showcasing the best machines in the industry,” said Mike Senese, executive editor for Make: magazine. “The rapid evolution of the technology over the past three years has completely changed the landscape for 3D tools. Price has come down, product features such as auto bed-leveling are de rigueur, and the footprint has become smaller, especially for CNC mills. Now people—from home hobbyists to entrepreneurs—can use these tools for fun projects or for prototyping the next great invention.”

About Carbide 3D

Carbide 3D manufactures high performance desktop and benchtop CNC machines for engineers, designers, and hobbists. Carbide 3D is commited to making CNC technology accesable to people with big ideas.



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