Spotlight Series

by Carbide 3D

Our customers are a collection of people willing to embrace change, fly their own flags, and do things a little differently. These people represent who we are as a company.

Spotlight is a series of videos showing real stories from real people. These videos showcase our customers, not our machines, and we couldn't be more proud of both.


Vince Ramirez

Vince Ramirez has built a career on creating custom aftermarket automotive systems and parts.

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The Craftsman

Jake Hogue

In North Carolina, under the flickering shadows of hardwood trees, is a woodshop where ideas and projects flow freely from the soul of a craftsman.

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The Patriot

Patrick Ramone

Near the Sam Houston National Forest in eastern Texas, a deeply-rooted love of country and a passion for innovation has transformed a family.

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The Perfectionist

David Johnson

In search of a method to explore his creativity, David Johnson built a micro-factory in his garage. But what he does in his little factory is anything but micro.

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The Locksmith

Mark Dolan

A self taught woodworker, Mark has leveled up his workshop by adding digital manufacturing equipment to his arsenal. This is where our stories overlap.

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