The Craftsman

In North Carolina, under the flickering shadows of hardwood trees, is a woodshop where ideas and projects flow freely from the soul of a craftsman. Needing a creative outlet from his work in front a computer screen, Jake Hogue has turned to woodworking to channel his imagination and create unique, custom products.

Finding joy in the interaction with his clients is just one of the reasons he loves woodworking. When he comes home from work, he finds the peace and relaxation he needs to unwind when he enters his shop. The satisfaction he experiences from making something from nothing motivates him to pursue his passion.

Over the years, he has become very proficient in woodworking. Creating things from pallet wood and pine were just the beginning. He branched out into cherry, walnut, and maple and then ventured into even more exotic woods. Over time, he found frustration that the ideas and projects he imagined were nearly impossible to bring to fruition with the level of precision he required of himself and his current tools. While being skilled on the lathe and the other tools in his shop allowed him to create some amazingly beautiful projects, not being able to express himself fully left him desiring something more.

Wanting to take his creativity to the next level, he set a goal to find a CNC to do the work that would take his ideas and make them a reality. He now has added a Shapeoko CNC Router to his arsenal so he can create projects with precise and intricate patterns and designs. Because he specializes in exotic woods, using a CNC for some of his projects allows him to minimize unnecessary waste and focus on the artistry and details.

Three days before he was going to propose to his girlfriend, he decided to create a customized ring box out of Purpleheart and Zebrawood for that special day. After she said yes, she noticed the box he had created and her reaction filled him with pride. Each new project fills him with that same sense of pride and it fuels his excitement to do what he loves.

Knowing he has many more designs and projects to create, he is excited for the opportunity to dedicate time to perfect his techniques and his craft, knowing that he will be enjoying this long after he retires from his career as a computer programmer. He is confident that any project he can dream of—from custom wall decor and pens to cutting boards and specialty boxes—will ultimately be given a chance to be fulfilled.

Looking through his Etsy shop, you admire the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each and every piece. On his Instagram page, you not only see the details but you also see some of the behind-the-scenes shots of how he creates his works of art and where they started. If you are looking for a unique and custom craftsman that is dedicated to his trade, look no further!