The Patriot

Near the Sam Houston National Forest in eastern Texas, a deeply-rooted love of country and a passion for innovation has transformed a family. Eager to channel his desire for problem solving, Patrick Ramone, along with his wife Tabitha, began designing and creating gun holsters and sheaths for patriots all over the globe back in 2013.

Patriotism runs deep in their small business and the American Flag is the backdrop and focus in their shop. Both Patrick and Tabitha’s fathers served in the military and they both have deep admiration and respect for those who serve and love our country—from military members and law enforcement officers to Fire/EMS workers and civilians. They have chosen to donate regularly to veterans charities and other causes and find it an honor to be working with and for them.

Raised in a family that did their own maintenance and construction projects, Patrick has been solving problems from a young age. In his attempt to try to find a way to control what was going on around him, he found himself resorting to problem solving to feel like he had control. It wasn’t until he was older that he recognized he needed to bring his ability to solve problems and his passions together to free his mind. Working in the shop allows him to funnel his energy into functional art and finding ways to improve and enhance holsters and sheaths gives him a sense of contentment.

Tabitha’s skills as a dental assistant allowed her to almost seamlessly transition into using the smaller tools that are used for sanding and buffing. Working side by side in the shop, she and Patrick have both grown closer together as a couple and as individuals by finding ways to improve their process and products. The weapons they design their products around each have their own obstacles, so they work to find the optimum solution without sacrificing function. Each individual piece is customized to the client’s need for safety, comfort, and accessibility.

Using specialized tools such as forms and vacuum molds, they shape and turn Kydex-the material used in their holsters and sheaths-into custom pieces. Adding a Shapeoko CNC router has allowed them to use its accuracy and repeatability to make parts, such as belt loops, that are able to be used across multiple products. This not only increases productivity and efficiency, but it has also opened up a world of possibilities for engraving and form making.

Despite the outside pressure to expand and increase production, they enjoy the small-shop atmosphere. They strive to accept where they are in the process and not let the stress of their work take the joy out of it. They aim to meet their deadlines, yet they prefer to choose quality over quantity. Their attention to detail has been a main factor as to why they are successful and it shows in every one of their pieces.

If you are in the market for an individualized holster or sheath, or if you would like more information about Patriot Holsters, you can view their website. To see more in-process shots and videos or to look at more of their unique product photos, visit their Instagram page.