Vince Fab

In a small town south of Austin, Vince Ramirez greets each morning with a desire to crate. It’s surprising to learn that Vince’s passion isn’t cars. What does satisfy his need to create is making his clients’ visions come to life. His meticulous work designing and fabricating custom performance parts, like one-off intake and exhaust systems, turbo charged piping and custom radiator tanks, has garnered him a well earned reputation. This reputation isn’t just in the automotive industry, but the maker industry as well.

Vince has spent years refining his welding and design skills which have given him the unique ability to take on projects that not many would attempt. He finds these complete jobs artistically gratifying. His main objective isn’t necessarily to profit monetarily, rather, Vince understands that each new project he takes on will give him the ability to continue to take on more complicated and challenging endeavors. He takes great pride in knowing that everything he makes pushes the machines and his skillset to the limit and he openly welcomes the challenge.

With Vince, knowing when to use which tool for which job is just as important as understanding which angle to tack a weld or which end mill to use on a finishing pass. He knows which materials are best suited for specific applications and which tools are best for working those materials. Adding the right machines to his creation station, including multiple Shapeokos, allow him to work with more clients and their unique ideas without increasing his overhead.

Ultimately, his goal is to be able to create while on the road. He plans to convert an old bus into a mobile work station which will allow him to carry his machines and tools to create anywhere, even directly at his customer’s workshops! He hopes to impart the problem solving techniques he’s learned on his customers and help them realize their ideas with a little help.

When it comes to custom, aftermarket performance parts, Vince sets the bar very high. If you would like to see more of his work, videos of his processes, or behind-the-scenes footage you can visit him on Instagram.