Go From Idea to Part in Record Time

The Shapeoko 3 comes with everything you need to make accurate parts from wood, plastic, and aluminum.

Who is Shapeoko For?

Engineers use Shapeoko to build functional parts from real materials.

Woodworkers use Shapeoko to make parts faster, and to make parts that would be impossible to make by hand.

Teachers use Shapeoko to introduce students to CNC and manufacturing technology.

Entrepreneurs use Shapeoko to make product prototypes and manufacture parts.

Shapeoko is available in 3 sizes.

Pick the machine that best fits your project style:

Shapeoko ($999): 16” x 16” cutting Area Shapeoko XL ($1499): 16” x 33” cutting area Shapeoko XXL ($1699): 33” x 33” cutting area

Technical Specifications

Power: 110 / 240 V, <1A

Electronics: Industrial grade 3-axis motion control board with dual Y drivers. GRBL Firmware.

Spindle: Dewalt DW611 or Porter Cable 450

Frame: Custom Aluminum Extrusion, 10ga Steel Plates

Motion System: GT2 Belting, 120oz/in NEMA23 Motors (4 total)

Everything Included

The Shapeoko 3 is delivered as a kit, and comes with everything you need to get up and running.

The machine might come as a kit, but we’ve already done most of the work for you! The carriages are pre-assembled by Carbide3D employees in our own shop.

We don’t farm out the work to a CM or to unskilled labor shops. We take a lot of pride in our machines and want to ensure everything is pre-assembled correctly before it is shipped to you.

Design Software Included

The Shapeoko 3 also comes with Carbide Create, our own 2D CAD/CAM software.

Draw your own parts in Carbide Create, or import a DXF or SVG file from your CAD program and use it to create the toolpaths.

Carbide Create is installed and run from your own computer, it’s not cloud software that can be insecure, unavailable, or subject to change without warning.

Machine Controller Included

Carbide Motion is the machine control software used to operate your Shapeoko. Carbide Motion as the cockpit for your CNC machine, allowing you to jog, load files, create offsets, and many other features.

Like all of our software, Carbide Motion is installed and run locally from your computer.

Support for Windows and Mac

We support both Windows and Mac for all of our software.

We think you should be able to use whatever computer you want, and we do everything we can to support them both equally.

Made in the USA

All of our custom parts are made in the USA. We get a much better product by being able to walk into a shop and talk to the actual people making our parts.

You can’t get this level of quality buying parts from a factory in China.

Full 3D Machining

The Shapeoko is a full 3-axis machine so it’s capable of machining swooping surfaces and organic shapes. You’re not limited to simple 2D shapes.

Fits on Your Workbench

The Shapeoko and Shapeoko XL have a 24 inch deep footprint so they’ll fit on almost any desktop or benchtop.

The Shapeoko XXL is much larger and requires a table with at least 40 inches of depth and 44 inches of width.

New to CNC?

If you are looking to get started with CNC, you’ve come to the right place. Over 10,000 people have started their CNC journey with Shapeoko.

Whether you are just starting or have grown out of your previous CNC, Shapeoko is the best CNC machine you can buy- it would be a deal at twice the price!. Everything you need comes in the kit, even design software.

One Supplier for all Your Needs

The Shapeoko works with all standard cutters and materials, there’s nothing proprietary about our machine. You can use your favorite brands of cutters and material without any trouble.

For those who don’t want to look for additonal suppliers, we have an online store full of cutters and materials that we know will work well with the Shapeoko.

We design everything in house and buy everything we can from domestic vendors. If we’re selling it, consider it properly vetted for quality.

Everything you need starting at $999