T-Track Stop

Render of T-Track Stop

At HQ, we've loaded up the hybrid bed of our Shapeoko 5 Pro with a gaggle of Teez Nuts (This is different than a Crash of Clamps or Herd of Collets). When cleaning the hybrid bed with a vacuum or compressed air, we'd like the nuts to stay in the tracks. Having them fly out the back of the machine propelled by a 90psi air blast is less than ideal.

Enter the T-Track Stops. Mount these along the back of your machine, and the Teez Nuts are locked in. They also allow you to push excess nuts out of the way when not in use. (insert photo)

Print them, try them out, and let us know your thoughts.


These are low profile, remaining below the MDF level of the hybrid bed

The press-fit construction allows for easy removal when needed

These should be printed in PLA on their side and might require a gentle tap to put them in place

Print with 10-15% infill for flexibility

3D Print Library License

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