Carbide Copper - PCB Machining App

Make PCB's on Your Desktop with no Chemicals or Mess

Carbide Copper is CAM software to let you mill PCBs with your CNC machine.

Launch Carbide Copper

Carbide Copper is the fastest way to make same-day circuit boards in your own office or shop

Save Time

With Carbide Copper and your CNC machine, you'll be able to go from design to prototype PCB's within the hour.

Save Money

By creating your PCB with Carbide Copper, you'll pay only the material costs for the boards you make.

No minimum order quantities, no shipping charges.

Iterate faster

Being able to create a new board revision (or more) each day, how much faster can you complete you projects?

Free to use

Carbide Create is free to use for everyone. We made it for our Nomad Pro CNC machine, but we welcome owners of other CNC machines to use it as well.

Feel free to use Carbide Copper if you already have a CNC machine. If not, check out the Nomad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Carbide Copper is free to use for everyone. Of course, we make it available primarily for our users but we welcome everyone to use it.
We have no plans to close it up to only Carbide 3D customers. We absolutely want it to be free to use for the long term.
Carbide Copper outputs very basic gcode so it should work with almost any CNC machine that uses gcode.
Carbide Copper will open Gerber RS247X format files and Excellon drill files. Every program outputs a slightly different version of the file so it’s conceivable that it will not work with all PCB software. We’ve tested it with Eagle extensively and are committed to making it work with all popular PCB software.
A custom tool library is on the TODO list for a future release. We think that will add a ton of value but it’s not something we were able to get done at launch.
Carbide Copper is a cloud app that runs from our website. We will make a downloadable version available in the future for owners of Carbide 3D machines.
The gcode from Carbide Copper is very basic but it some machines may need additional codes add or some lines removed. We may add a way to do this in future releases but that’s not available in the first release.
Support is available for Carbide 3D customers via email and phone, or in our forum.
We will offer a “real” two-side workflow in a future release.
Carbide Copper is a cloud-based app that run on any machine with a modern browser, including OS/X, Windows, and Linux.

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