CAD/CAM Software for CNC Routers

We wrote Carbide Create from scratch to give our customers the quickest path from idea to part.

Combine the power of 2D sketching and machining with 3D simulation to see your designs come to life on your CNC router!

Check out Carbide Create Pro if you need 3D design and machining or if you don't have a Carbide 3D machine.

Carbide Create image

Frequently asked questions

Carbide Motion is included with all Carbide 3D machines.

Sorry, Carbide Motion is only available for Shapeoko and Nomad machines.

Carbide Motion runs only on Mac and Windows computers.

No, Carbide Motion runs locally on your machine, it's not a cloud application.

Yes, we've got lots of customers using Carbide Motion with Vectric V-carve or Vectric Aspire. We do recommend that users start with Carbide Create since it's included with every machine so we're able to provide support for it.

Yes, Carbide Motion works with G-code from Fusion 360.

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