Big Carbide Create Update

Posted on Jul 28, 2016 by Rob

For those who haven’t heard of it, the Cameo Silhouette is a computer controlled paper and vinyl cutter that seems to be mainly for the craft/scrapbooking market. This is not something I would expect to see mentioned in my circles, but I kept reading rave reviews about it. I had to try one.

So I ended up on a making cardstock bookmarks on a Saturday afternoon, just to see if it was “that good”. It is remarkably easy to use and after an hour we had a couple of new items on the Carbide Create todo list. (Now on the “done” list)

Vector Library

First, we added a new library feature to Carbide Create, we’re calling it “Design Elements”, that contains almost 250 vectors to use in your projects. (Unlike the Silhouette, they’re all included for free).

We put a lot of work into the workflow to get Design Elements edited, packaged, and distributed, so we’re hoping to be able to rapidly increase the number of them.

Carbide Elements

Carbide Create, meet Carbide Motion

For too long, Carbide Motion and Carbide Create were unaware of each other, which added the step of saving gcode before you could use it. Starting with this release, Carbide Create will give you a “Send to Carbide Motion” button, right under the “Save GCode” button, if Carbide Motion is running and the machine is idle.

What’s coming

These new features give you a few hints at where we’re going next.

First, we want more vectors built-in so we want to know what you want. Shoot us an email and let us know.

Second, you can expect to see Carbide Motion and Carbide Create merged into a single distribution so they can act like a single program.

Finally, while playing with the Design Elements, the need for flipping/mirroring and offsetting for vectors became clear. You can expect those in the near-ish future.

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