New Product: BitRunner

Posted on May 29, 2020 by Rob

This doesn’t happen very often. We've made a new accessory for the Shapeoko and we've decided to discontinue it.

An option to automatically turn the router on and off has been a popular request, so we said, that’s a great idea, let’s design it, and the BitRunner was born.

But, one thing led to another and we overthought it and ended up over-engineering it. The BitRunner works well, but it’s not what we had initially envisioned. For those customers who want the ease of turning the router on and off via G-Code without having to reach for the router each time, this is for you.

We weren’t sure if we were gonna make it available, but then we thought, why not? Let’s put it out there for our customers! There is only one production batch of the BitRunner, so once it’s gone, there won’t be anymore. Don’t worry, if you buy one, we will support it. It’s just going to be a limited edition item.

Get your hands on this one of a kind product while stock lasts!

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