Carbide Create 316

Posted on Jul 20, 2018 by Rob

We just added a another new couple of features to the beta version of Carbide Create 316, toolpath grouping, and undo for toolpath deletion.

The new toolpath groups are an answer for Shapeoko users who want to use multiple tools and want to output multiple gcode file to change tools in between. With groups, you can put all of your toolpaths with the same tool in the same group and then you can enable/disable the entire group with a single click before post processing the code.

Toolpath groups image

The second change is that the undo system now allows you to replace a toolpath or a toolpath group after deleting it.

Maybe the most important change is our new icon! Jorge spent a lot of time working with a "real artist" to get it done so be sure and let him know that you like it.

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