Virus Warnings for Carbide Create

Posted on Mar 06, 2024 by Rob

Virus Warnings for Carbide Create

We'll skip to the punchline here- Norton and McAfee suck. Multiple times per year, they flag our software as having a virus and they've never been correct.

We don't have any control over what these companies do, so we just wait it out and they eventually fix it. In the meantime, that leaves you with three options if you're using one of these products:

For what it's worth, our Windows builds are built on a machine that's not used for anything except building Carbide Create and Carbide Motion. We don't browse the web, we don't check email, and we don't install anything else on it. We're not saying that this makes our software virus-free, but it's a pretty good start and we've got a 10-year record of being clean.

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