Carbide Motion 362

Posted on Aug 10, 2016 by Rob

We just uploaded Carbide Motion Build 362. It includes a handful of great updates, and shows where we're going next.

Support for G10

Probing on the Shapeoko has become a popular thing in our forum and it depends on support for G92 or G10. We don’t plan to add any G92 support but we did add G10 in this release.

G10 L2 P1 - Load the X,Y, and Z values that follow into the work offset registers. For instance, G10L2P1X0Y0Z0 will clear the work offsets.

G10 L20 P1 - Set the current postion to be equal to the X, Y, and values that follow. For instance, G10L20P1X0Y0Z0 will set the current tool tip to 0,0,0.

Note that we only support G54 so any P value other than “1” will throw an error.

An interesting side effect of this work is that we found some areas where Carbide Motion may have had some subtle bugs related to homing and work and tool offsets for both the Nomad and Shapeoko. We made this code more correct internally, hopefully without introducing more bugs.

Added Machine Coordinates Display

Now that we’re giving more ways to play with the work offset values, we thought it was important to give you the ability to look at the machine coordinates rather than the program coordinates.

You can now toggle between the work and machine coordinates by clicking the “Position:” header on the left.

Moved “Quit” Button

Some users mentioned that having the “Pause” and “Quit” button overlap the same part of the screen caused them to click the wrong button at the wrong time. They’re correct, we shouldn’t have done that. The Quit and Pause button are now separated to make it harder to push the wrong one.

What’s Coming?

So why did we do this? We’re working on a probing product for the Shapeoko. The first circuit board is done and we’re working on the mechanical parts now.

Generally speaking we’re against the idea of doing probing using conductivity but that’s about the only practical way to do it on a Shapeoko. (And it's something that our customer are already doing) We’re doing what we can to make it the best possible implementation we can.

We’ll post more information as soon as we have concrete details to share.

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