Carbide Motion 364 and Probing

Posted on Aug 18, 2016 by Rob

We just uploaded a new build of Carbide Motion, 364. It includes:

  • G10 is enabled for running programs, not just the MDI
  • Fixes for a couple of bugs in incremental movement (G91)

We can also share a litte more of our probing work lately: We’re making an active probe with a steel body and probing commands built in to Carbide Motion. Here’s what all of that means:

Active probe: Our probe block is powered for a couple of reasons. First, we can use a more sensitive circuit to detect the tool touching the block. In the case of any surface problems on the block (oil, chips, etc), this will let us trigger a little faster than a passive probe and be safer for the tool. We also have an LED on the probe block so you can be sure that it’s connected and working before starting a probing cycle.

Steel body: The extra weight from the steel keeps it in place if it’s being probed from the side. Any nicks and gouges can be quickly stoned off.

ESD Protection: Our probe block has ESD protection to protect the main electronics from static discharge.

Carbide Motion Integration: All of the common probing cycles will be built into Carbide Motion with graphics and wizards to make it as easy as possible.

Below is a video showing a test from this morning with our first pass at the electronics. We’re sending out a revised PCB today so we shoud have the “final” test version back in about a week. If all goes well, we could have these for sale in 6 weeks. (Price is TBD)