CutRocket - A CNC Project Sharing Site

Posted on May 11, 2018 by Edward

CutRocket - A CNC Project Sharing Site

One of the most common requests from Carbide 3D customers is a place to download CNC projects. And, although we have been sharing simple projects here and there on our docs site, we wanted to do better! So, a few months ago we started down the path of creating an entirely new site, dedicated exclusively to projects made for CNC! We call this site

Unlike the docs site though, we wanted anyone to be able to share and post their CNC projects! So, after a few weeks of development, a handful of beta testers were invited, and the real work to make the site useful, reliable, and easy to navigate began. Since then, we have invited even more beta users and with their feedback and our priority list, we have managed to push dozens of new features to the site.

Right now, the site supports Carbide Create, Vectric, and Fusion 360 projects. This means that any project created in those programs can be uploaded and shared through CutRocket. There is no cost to using CutRocket and anyone who is using those software packages are welcome and encouraged to begin sharing and upload their projects!

As of Today, has nearly 100 projects posted by over 200 members! We would like to open the site up to more users, and invite all of you to head over today, get signed up, upload your best CNC project, and give us some feedback on using the site.

We are really excited about and can't wait to hear what you think about it too!

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