Helping Detroit

Posted on Apr 22, 2020 by Rob

Today we’re happy to announced that we’re partnered with Mercury One to raise money for the people of Detroit. We’ll be matching donations dollar for dollar today, up to $25,000.

Detroit has a lot of problems in the best of times and the unemployment rate due to COVID-19 has only made the problem worse. As a manufacturing company with a facility in the Midwest, we have a connection to Detroit, which should be America’s most prominent manufacturing city.

Times are tough all around and we’ve only been able top keep all of employees at full pay (even if some need to stay at home right now) because we’ve got such a loyal group of customers. Donating to this cause is something we can do to help others that aren’t as fortunate.

If you have the means, please join us with a donation at . 100% of your contribution will go directly to people in Detroit affected by COVID, no administration fees will be held back by Mercury One.

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