Layers in Carbide Create

Posted on May 11, 2021 by Rob

We just uploaded a new release of Carbide Create, build 521, with a big addition- layers!.

The Layer window can be activated with the "L" hotkey or from the Edit menu anytime another command is not already running.

Layers have the following characteristics:

Active - There is one active layer and it must be visible and unlocked. All new objects will be placed on the active layer. In the layer window, the active layer will be shown in bold text.

Color - A layer can be assigned any color, even if those colors will conflict with other colors used by the application, like orange for selected items. If you change from the default black color then open vectors will no longer be rendered as purple, they will use the color defined for the layer.

Locked - Objects on a locked layer cannot be selected or modified, even on the toolpath screen. Snap points on locked objects are still valid.

Visible/Hidden - Objects on a hidden layer cannot be selected or modified.

Other information:

  1. A layer cannot be hidden or locked if it's the active layer and no other layers are visible and unlocked.
  2. Layers can be reordered for convenience but the order is only cosmetic, it has no functional effect on the document.
  3. If a layer is deleted, all objects on that layer will be deleted as well.
  4. If you load a file from Build 521 in a prior build that doesn't have layers, all layer information will be lost.
  5. If objects from multiple layers are grouped, they'll all be moved to the layer used by the first object selected.
  6. Layers are available on Carbide Create and Carbide Create Pro.

Build 521 is available on the beta page at but it should be moved to stable in a couple of days if all goes well.

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