Luke from Beaver CNC Joins Carbide 3D

Posted on Jun 10, 2019 by Luke

I’m Luke, formally known as Mr Beaver, and this is a surreal moment. I’m stoked to be writing my first blog post announcing that I have joined the ranks of the Carbide 3D team!

I will be taking the role of Director of Product Development. For those who haven’t come across me or my work, I have been heavily involved in the Carbide 3D community over the past 4 years. Eventually jumping off the deep end and setting up Beaver CNC. Many people will know me for the HDZ and a range of bright blue accessories.

Whilst running Beaver CNC has been a blast, it has limitations and after talking to Rob, Jorge & Ed it was clear we have an aligned strategy. By combining our strengths we will be ensuring Carbide 3D continues to offer best packed CNC machines, software, accessories and support.

I can't divulge the projects in the pipeline, but I can confidently say we are going to be shaking things up in a big way whilst retaining the ethos of Carbide 3D.

In addition to this Beaver CNC products will be supported by Carbide 3D from now on. All Beaver CNC users are welcome to join the Community where we have setup a group for anyone with a Beaver CNC Product.

The HDZ will be moving across to the Carbide 3D store very shortly. On-top of this we are releasing a new version of Carbide Motion, allowing for speedier setup and direct support of the HDZ.

With all that said, what does this mean for all our users? We’re going to be:

With these changes we hope to shakeup up the CNC space in a way never seen before.

In short, we’re going to give our makers the ability to to do what they do best, Make.


Photo of Luke

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