Nomad Wins "Best Desktop CNC"

Posted on Oct 10, 2015 by Rob

Nomad Wins

Make: magazine, leader of the Maker Movement and producer of the popular Maker Faire events, just released their "Ultimate Guide to Desktop Fabrication 2016." Make: reviewed a wide variety of digital fabrication machines, from 3d printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, and vinyl cutters.

Carbide 3D had a machine place in each CNC category with Shapeoko 3 winning 2nd place in the "Best Mid-Size" category and 3rd in the "Best Large Format" category.

The Nomad was named "Best Desktop Mill".

It's a huge honor to win an award the first time we submit one of our machines to be reviewed. We couldn't be more excited.

Here's the best part of the win: it was the original Nomad 883 that won, not the new Nomad 883 Pro. The original Nomad 883 won without the new frame, the thicker rails, new electronics, and without our new Carbide Create CAD/CAM software.

The new Nomad Pro machines are starting to ship in quantity now so it's a great time to order a machine and get "The Best Desktop CNC".

Read more about the Ultimate Guide to Desktop Fabrication here

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