New Warranties

Posted on Aug 01, 2016 by Rob

When we started shipping Nomads, we told customers that we had a 90 day warranty because that seemed to be industry standard for a machine like ours. For the Shapeoko, we never really stated that we had a warranty because we didn’t know how to deal with a warranty on a kit.

Internally, we never put any limitation on the warranty because we coundn’t imagine telling a customer, “Sorry but it’s been too long”. Instead we put an emphasis on trying to eliminate any problem that we could and we never charged anyone for a part.

Today, we feel confident enough to put a new warranty in place. The Nomad now has an 18-month warranty, which is the most generous in the industry. We’re also making it retroactive so that machines shipped in the last 18 months are all still under warranty.

For the Shapeoko, we’re adding a 90 day warranty. This gives news users plenty of time to get the machine up and running, and then run it hard for a while. We’ve got a competitor that sells extended warranties, and another competitor that explicitly states that they are unable to offer a warranty. To us, this is totaly upside down. We want our customers to know that we stand by our products and that we’re in this together.

We hope these new warranties demonstrate our commitment to quality and support. (And that we’re really confident in our machines.)

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