Sept 2015 Update

Posted on Sep 29, 2015 by Rob

Today's a big day at Carbide 3D- we finally get to announce some of the things that we've been working on for the past few months.

Shapeoko is (almost) in stock

After spending most of the year getting our supply chain worked out, we are a week from having Shapeoko's in stock and ready to ship. To support this, we've moved Shapeoko from our preorder platform to our online store at

To be honest, there were days where it felt like we'd never get caught up, but here we are. Order a Shapeoko today, before we run out!

If you need convincing that the Shapeoko 3 is a beast, check out this video from Andrew, one of our customers:

We're about to launch Carbide Create

Software is a big part of the CNC workflow and creating new software was always part of "The Carbide Plan". In the next couple of weeks we'll be opening our new CAD/CAM package, Carbide Create, to a public beta. Here's what we can share right now:

Edward has been running a private beta to get some early feedback for about a month. We've tried to take that feedback and get Carbide Create into a state where it's useful and fun to work with on it's first release. Edward says we're there, so it's time to go public.

We've got pages and pages of ideas to implement so you can expect lots of releases and upgrades over the next year.

You can see a short walkthrough from a week ago at:

Welcome the Nomad 883 Pro to the family

We've shut down production of the Nomad 883 to shift to our latest model, the Nomad 883 Pro. Here are the big features:

What does this mean for you? A more rigid machine, a more accurate machine, and a more reliable machine.

From the outside, the Nomad 883 Pro won't look very different but every single part inside is brand new. We'll be sharing more about the changes in the next week but here's the important part:

If you have an order in the queue, you'll be upgraded to the Nomad 883 Pro at no additional cost. If you place an order today, you'll be getting the Nomad 883 Pro for the price of prior version.

We expect to begin shipping the Pro next week.

Thanks for your support

We're only here because of the thousands of people who've supported Carbide 3D over the past two years. We appreciate everything you've done for us and we'll keep working hard to deliver better machines, better software, and a great community.

PS- More good stuff to come before the end of the year!

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