Shapeoko 4 is Available

Posted on May 03, 2021 by Rob

We just put our first batch of the new Shapeoko in stock and we wanted to share the plan for today and the next few weeks.

We started with a batch of XXL machines, since that’s our most popular size, but the XL version should be available in the next few days. The XXL machines will begin shipping today and tomorrow (depending on the time of purchase and the shipping cutoff for the day).

We put a decent number of machines in stock but we don’t know if they’ll sell out in a day or a week. Either way, we have plenty of inventory so we’ll have more available very quickly if we do sell out. The only thing we’re trying to manage with the limited inventory is the shipping window; we never want to have an unpredictable shipping queue again.

This is the fastest we could make the Shapeoko 4 available so we don’t even have a printed manual done yet. In the meantime, we’ll provide an assembly video from Winston to walk you through the assembly. If you’d like a copy of the manual once it’s done, we’d be happy to provide a PDF to you.

The Standard machine is waiting on a revision to the sheet metal that makes the assembly easier. We made a small mistake that would have required removing part of the hybrid table to get to other parts of the machine and we couldn’t let a new Shapeoko go out like that. Hopefully, we’ll be ready to ship the Standard machine at the beginning of June.

BitSetter for Shapeoko 4 is in production now and we expect to have that up for sale in the next couple of weeks.

What about Shapeoko Pro

We’re waiting on another rail delivery to arrive, which should happen in the next week, and then we’ll be ready to ship Shapeoko Pro machines again.

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