Shapeoko Pro and 4 Update - 3/24/2021

Posted on Mar 24, 2021 by Rob

The old Shapeoko Pro post was getting a little long so we wanted to add a new post to update everyone on the Shapeoko Pro and Shapeoko 4.

Shapeoko Pro Shipping Update

  • Over half of the Shapeoko Pro XXL machines sold last Friday have shipped out and we expect the remainder to ship by this Friday.
  • Right now, our shipping quantity is limited by the shipping carriers, not our production capacity. We’re trying to get that fixed but it’s surprisingly difficult to get more shipping capacity.
  • We are still expecting to put more Shapeoko Pro XXL machines in stock this Friday morning.
  • For those who got an early Shapeoko Pro without filler strips, those strips have all shipped out now so you should get them soon if you don’t already have them.
  • This latest batch of Pro machines has a new design for the Hybrid Table that doesn’t use the filler strips anymore.

Shapeoko 4 Update

  • Shapeoko 4 is still on track for May 1 availability.
  • We’re only waiting on sheet metal and boxes to have everything in stock to build machines.
  • We’ll begin machining extrusions for the Shapeoko 4 tomorrow.