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Posted on Jan 08, 2021 by Rob

[UPDATES BELOW] We're getting a lot of email and calls about the status of the Shapeoko Pro. If there are that many people reaching out, then we can only imagine that there are many more who want to know, but haven't gotten in touch.

UPDATE 3/19/2021:

UPDATE 3/15/2021:

UPDATE 3/12/2021:

UPDATE 3/10/2021:

UPDATE 2/22/2021:

UPDATE 1/26/2021:

UPDATE 1/25/2021:

Original Post:

Here's the latest information we have:

Beginning next week, we'll be making XL parts in addition to filling XXL orders. Once the XXL backlog is filled, we'll continue making everything else to ship XXL machines when we get the Y tubes in.

We expect to put both XL and XXL machines in stock in 3 weeks but will only be making the quantity we can ship in one week available, rather than the entire quantity we can make with materials on hand. This will let us provide a more predictable shipping date once you place an order, and keep the queue from getting out of hand if anything goes wrong. Once we get the queue to near-zero, which should theoretically be weekly, we'll make additional stock available.

We hope to begin shipping both machines the day after we restock them, with no delays.

A frequent question for the past week has been, "Can I pay now to be on the list for a machine when they ship?" That would effectively be a preorder, and we're avoiding preorders as much as possible going forward. We're planing to manage our backlog very carefully, and preorders make that almost impossible for the kinds of products we sell.

That's the best information we have right now and we'll plan to post an additional update in a week or two when we get updates from our vendors.

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