Summer Software Update

Posted on Jul 18, 2016 by Rob

We’ve got a couple of software changes to announce.

First, MeshCAM, which is included with the Nomad, is about to get an upgrade. Early betas of MeshCAM 7 have been passed around the company and it’s getting close to a public release. It’ll still be a beta when it’s posted but it should be just as stable as any previous version so we’ll be encouraging every to upgrade.

The big news is that all Nomad users will be upgraded to the Pro license for MeshCAM. This will be done using the same EGC file format that Carbide Create uses so no changes to license codes will be required. (In fact, no license codes will be required for Nomad users)

MeshCAM 7 will feature a number of changes that give advanced users more control over their toolpaths.

We also uploaded a new version of Carbide Motion last week, build 359. It includes:

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