Carbide Create

CAD/CAM Software for CNC Routers

We wrote Carbide Create from scratch to give our customers the quickest path from idea to part.

Combine the power of 2D sketching and machining with 3D simulation to see your designs come to life on your CNC router!

Check out Carbide Create Pro if you need 3D design and machining or if you don't have a Carbide 3D machine.

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Cross-Platform Support

Carbide Create runs on modern Mac or Windows computers.

Files produced in Carbide Create can be freely moved back and forth between either operating system.

Runs on Your Computer

Don't have WiFi in you shop? No Problem.

Carbide Create runs on your computer locally. It does not depend on the cloud or any online connection to function.

Free Training

Free video training courses for Carbide Create are available at here

Carbide Create is a full-featured design program that handles any design, from simple to VERY detailed.

Carbide Create includes all of the design tools to start your design from a blank page. If you're familiar with programs like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, you'll feel right at home in Carbide Create.

If you already have a design in another program, you can import it and start from there.

No matter how you start, you'll be able to create designs that are as detailed as you want them to be.

Click here to see how much detail Carbide Create can handle.

Basic Shapes

Carbide Create lets you quickly create basic shapes like squares, circles, polygons, and polylines.


Create smooth, organic shapes with bezier spline tools.


Create text vectors from any font on your computer. Text can be created in a straight line, or along an arc.

Background Images

Load a background image so you have a reference for your design. Whether you're looking to just make sure the parts are in proportion or you need to carefully trace an image, having a reference image can speed up your design cycle.


If you need to make parts that fit perfectly, the alignment tools in Carbide Create will help you put all of the sections of the design in the correct locations.


Booleans are an incredibly powerful way to combine simple shapes into more complex ones. Carbide Create supports unions, intersections, and subtractions.


Select a vector and create another vector that's offset to the inside or outside from the original one.

Automatically Trace Images

If you have artwork in an image format, Carbide Create can trace that image and convert it to vectors that are ready to cut.

Import DXF and SVG

If you need to start your design from another program or file, you can load SVG and DXF files directly into Carbide Create.

If your design is already done and you just need to create toolpaths, that's no problem- load your file and start creating toolpaths.

Design Elements

Carbide Create includes our full bundle of Design Elements for use in your projects.

Don't waste time hunting the Internet for the perfect SVG file, they're right there in Carbide Create.

All of the machining tools you need

Once you have your design done, you'll need to create toolpaths so your CNC router can cut out the design.

Carbide Create has all of the common toolpath options to cut your project, from simple 2D cutouts to detailed multi-tool designs.

If you'll looking for more advanced 3D projects, we've got that covered in Carbide Create Pro

Pockets and Contours

Pockets and contours are the basic operations in any machining job and they're included in Carbide Create.


Create detailed 3D carvings using a V-bit without the time and effort of 3D modelling


Engrave text, or any other vectors, directly into your project.

Note: Additonal engraving options are available in Carbide Create Pro

Tool Library

Keep a library of all of your favorite cutting tools ready to go.

Speeds and Feeds

Carbide Create includes speeds and feeds for many common cutters and materials.

3D Simulation

See what you're going to get before you even walk up to your machine.

Need 3D CAM Software?

Carbide Create is a great way to go for 2D and 2.5D CAD/CAM. If you need 3D toolpaths then we’ve got two options for you:

  • If you already have 3D CAD or already have 3D files to machine, we’d recommend MeshCAM.
  • If you need to start from a blank canvas, check out Carbide Create Pro.

Note: We include MeshCAM with all of our Nomad 3 Desktop CNC machines.