Carbide Create V7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Global Shortcuts

CTRL+C Copy selected items to clipboard.
CTRL+X Cut selected items to clipboard.
CTRL+V Paste selected items from clipboard.
CTRL+D Open 'duplicate' command.
CTRL+Z Undo last operation
CTRL+Y Redo last operation that was undone.
E Open Design Elements window.
L Open layers window.
P Open notes window.
O Offset Selection.
T Scale Selection.
M Move Selection.
R Rotate Selection
G Group Selection.
U Ungroup Selection
V Mirror Selection Vertically
H Mirror Selection Horizontally
CTRL+A Select all.
CTRL+M Measure tool.
F10 Align tool.
F Fit view to job (design + stock bounds).
CTRL+F Fit view to stock.
N Node edit selected vectors.
CURSOR KEYS Nudge selected items by one grid step.
SHIFT+CURSOR Nudge selected items by 10% of a grid step.