CNC Projects that Sell

Over half of owners make money with their Shapeoko CNC router, and we'd like to get that number a lot higher. Below are some CNC projects to get you started on your entrepreneurial journey. This page is just starting, and we expect to add a lot more money-making CNC projects very soon.

How to sell your CNC Projects

The toughest hurdle to get over is selling your first product. It might be a lack of confidence, not believing that your projects are valuable to other people, or not understanding how or where to sell your products. We put together a guide to help you get started as quickly as possible and fill in any of those missing nuggets of information. Check out our free guide, How to make your first $1000 with your CNC machine.

Christmas Lantern Boxes

Ryan from Sawdust and Stuff posted a photo of his latest CNC holiday products with some pricing information and we knew it was something we wanted to offer to our users. We agreed to license the files so that we could offer them to our customers for free.

Picture of XMas lantern boxes

These designs were made to be cut from cedar fence pickets, available in most home improvement centers. The details were sized so the entire design can be cut with a 1/8" cutter, like our #102 1/8" Endmill, with no tool changes.

After cutting out the sides and tops, the lantern boxes are assembled using glue and brad nails. Ryan builds his lantern boxes without a base/bottom so it's easy to drop the lantern on top of a small light.


Ryan has had good luck selling these lantern boxes for:

What's included

Two SVG files for 7 lantern box designs, laid out to fit on two fence pickets. Import these files into Carbide Create, our CNC Router Software to scale for your exact fence picket dimensions and create toolpaths.

  1. Download part 1 here
  2. Download part 2 here

We want your project requests

If there's a CNC project that you'd like to see us release files for, send an email to We're eager to hear you're project ideas.

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