How to make your first $1000 with your CNC machine.

The world is a little strange right now and people are looking for ways to diversify their income. A Shapeoko CNC Router allows you to design and make your own products to sell online or in real life so you can become more financially independent.

Over half of our users already make money with their machine and more are looking to get started, but still have questions.

We’ve taken the most common questions and put that information in a free guide to help you kick off your CNC business.

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This 20-page guide is the playbook to kick off your CNC business including:

Business Scale

What type and scale of business do you want. Do you want maximum growth or just a little extra income?

Types of CNC Businesses

There are lots of way to make money with a CNC machine. They're all valid but which one is best for you?

Where to sell

Between in-person venues, online marketplaces, and social media, there are more places than ever to sell your products. This guide shows you where your best bets are.

How to position your products

Learn how to talk about your products in a way that justifies higher prices.

How to price your products

Pricing is one of the most confusing things when you're starting out. This guide shows you multiple ways to figure out your pricing.

How to take payments

Bottom line, this guide is about getting paid. There are a lot of services out there and some of them are more popular than you'd expect.

Shipping products

Getting products to your customer can be as easy or complicated as you make it. We've spent more time and money on shipping than we care to admit so we have some advice to share.

Taxes and accounting

Neither of these are fun, unless you're an accountant. We'll keep it quick and painless.

Trademarked items

Everone's selling items with team logos. Is it OK to do that?

Customer service

We have tips on how to put your best foot forward by offering exceptional customer service and stand above the competition.

Following up after the sale

If you want to grow, the sale is the beginning of a relationship with the customer. Learn how to maximize it.

What are you waiting for?

We saw a great online discussion where someone was asking a series of questions about selling products from thier CNC machine. Our favorite question was, "If you had it to do again, what would you do differently?"

The overwhelming answer was: "I would have started sooner."

Frequently Asked Questions

CNC Machines. We want everyone to buy a CNC machine and we want that machine to pay for itself quickly. We hope this guide will help.
Nope, the guide is relevant no matter what machine you have. (But we really want your CNC machine to be a Carbide 3D machine.)

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