Tiny Charms

by Amber

From Amber, https://www.instagram.com/caterpillararts/:

The Nomad is my favorite tool purchase of 2016 :) I was able to take more than a dozen new charm ideas from drawings to physical jewelry in less than a day - something that would have taken me at least a week using my previous method of sculpting each one individually.

I’ve attached a picture that shows two of the earring charms I successfully cut with the .010” endmill - the frog is 6mm tall, and the octopus is 4mm x 4.2mm. I’ve modified as many of my designs as I could to use the .032” cutters (which work beautifully, haven’t broken one yet!), but some of them have tiny details like the frog toes and octopus tentacles that the .032” cutter can’t work around.

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