Quality Matters

Carbide 3D is a totally different kind of CNC machine company.

We don't claim to be anything but a machine builder, we're not an e-commerce company or an online hardware store that happens to sell CNC machines. We're not a machine shop with a side business. This is all we do and we dedicate our full attention to it.

We create new innovations in desktop CNC

Check out our Nomad 883 Pro- it was the first desktop CNC to:

Shapeoko was the first CNC kit to:

Sure, you've seen other machines with some of these features now but we were the first.

We build the machines that other companies copy.

We fully support our machines

Once you buy a machine, you're part of the Carbide 3D family and we'll do everything we can to make you successful. If you email us, we'll get back to you and we'll address your problems.

We will not participate in a race to the bottom

Looking online, it seems like there's a group of people who'd like to see how cheaply they can build a minimally-effective CNC machine. Honestly, it looks like a fun challenge but it's not one we're interested in being a part of.

We make machines that perform well above their price and offer a clear value to our customers. Cutting corners and engineering stunts don't interest us.

Continual improvement

Our machines are never "done", there are always things we can improve and things we can try to do better. If we can find a better component, redesign a part to be better, or update the electronics to make a better machine then we do it.

This is only possible because we do the engineering in-house and we handle most of the production. If every little change required meetings and reams of documents going to a contract manufacturer then we'd never be able to do this. Continual improvement only works because we have such tight control of production.

We're transparent

How can you do that?

We can only offer the level of support that we do, and be as transparent as we are, because we do not cut corners. If you're cutting corners it's impossible to properly support your products- you'd be buried under a sea of support email and phone calls.

We see each call and email as a way to fix a problem, whether it's in the product itself or in the documentation so that we can offer our customers a great experience.

We don't hide behind a company name

Want to know who we are? It's on the "about" page. We, the founders of Carbide 3D, put our names on the website because we're proud of what we make and we want you to know that there are real people behind this company.

Got a Question, ask us.

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