Carbide Create 527

Posted on May 27, 2021 by Rob

We just uploaded build 527 of Carbide Create and it contains a lot of changes from the last stable release (520).

We already covered the addition of layers in 521 a blog post about it so we'll just go over the big changes since then:

Select Circles and Open Vectors

These are quick and dirty commands that are really there for the new toolpaths and the layers.

Optimized Toolpath Linking for Pockets

This is a scary change and it's one of the reasons that we haven't move any of these releases to "Stable" yet. This new code will keep the cutter down if it can move within the pocket safely. It's computationally intensive so it might slow down calculation for very dense pocket toolpaths but the resulting gcode should run faster.

Retracts from the pocket are now at rapid speed, not at the defined feedrate.

Please simulate your code before running it just to make sure there are no gouges.

Advanced Vcarve Toolpaths Output is Reduced

In prior builds, the Advanced Vcarve toolpaths output gcode that was beyond the accuracy of most CNC routers and the tiny moves led to stuttering of the machine if the controller couldn't keep up with the incoming gcode.

We now reduce the output more like the rest of the CC toolapths so it should be an improvement for performance and gcode file size.

Additional Digit of Accuracy in the Post Processor

If you really zoomed into gcode path in prior builds it could be bumpy at a level below the accuracy of most machines (below .001"). This would only show up in an external simulator since the simulation in CC is from the "pure" toolpath data.

The bumps may not have affected the output but it could have affected the planner in the machine controller so we added another digit to the gcode to eliminate this quirk.

Drilling Toolpath

You asked for it and we finally got it in there- drilling toolpaths for Carbide Create.

You can define the drilling style (full depth, puck, or peck with full retract) and depth so this should be a big win for a lot of projects in a variety of materials. The only thing that needs clarification is how the drill locations are defined since CC doesn't have a "point" type.

The drilling toolpath will put a hole in the middle of any closed vector you choose, as long as the bounding box is relatively square. That means you can pick circles, squares, or anything similar and you'll get a hole in the middle of it.

Engraving Toolpath (Pro Only)

Our new MC Etcher Drag Engraver has been very popular but we didn't have a good toolpath option for it. The new Engraving toolpath in Carbide Create Pro is perfect for drag engravers or for regular engraving cutters that need a good fill option.

The engraving toolpath gives you three fill options:

Try it Out

We'd like to promote this build to stable as soon as possible but we need your feedback that nothing broke compared to prior builds. Try it out on the beta page and let us know how it works for you.

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