CNC Software Workflow

All Carbide 3D machines have a flexible and open workflow that allows you to use the software that work best for you.

How do you currently design?

I don’t currently have anything


If you’re starting with no computer design experience, don’t worry. Our Carbide Create is a 2D design and manufacturing program that allows you to draw your part and then define how it’s machined.

Carbide Create is included with all Carbide 3D machines.


2d cad workflow

If you work with a 2D design program, like Autocad, Inkscape, or Adobe Illustrator, we can take a DXF or SVG file and load it into Carbide Create to generate a toolpath. Carbide Create is a full 2D design program itself so if you need to modify anything for manufacturing, it’s no problem.

Carbide Create in included with all Carbide 3D machines.


3d cad workflow

The Nomad 883 Pro comes with MeshCAM, a 3D CAM program to convert your existing 3D files into a toolpath that’s ready to run. MeshCAM is capable to dealing with very large, very complicated organic 3D files just as easily as a simple flat bracket.

MeshCAM takes STL files from almost any 3D CAD program to create a toolpath with minimum effort. STL files are supported by almost every CAD program including:

  • Solidworks
  • Rhino 3D
  • Onshape
  • Viacad
  • Inventor

…and many more.

I have my own CAD/CAM

GCode workflow image

If you already have an entire CAD/CAM tool chain then you’re in luck, the gcode you already have will probable work on the Nomad with minimal changes.

All Carbide 3D machines support all basic gcodes and we’ve got users running their machine with very high-end industrial CAD/CAM programs with no trouble.

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